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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Advocacy: causes that rekindle the spirit of imagination and creativity

StoryWeaver is active in a number of ventures aimed at growing the gaming hobby, and are also very supportive of other's efforts to do the same. Find out what we do, and how we can help you.

He's the genius billionaire playboy philanthopist.

(Ok, he only hit the 50% mark.)

We love game convention organisers!

Public gaming conventions are where we all get to share the love, meet up old friends and make new friends... and battle our nemesis from years past. We’ll promote most public cons and even back them with prizes. So if you run a gaming convention, big or small, and want some support, give us a yell.

We love knowledge seekers!

We love to give out advice. (Solicited, of course.) Our wise council of elders is ready to impart their wisdom on any knowledge seeker who wishes to learn the secrets of our games. But we don’t stop there. Ask us for advice regarding Mapping and Game tools and no less than our Grand Master StoryWeaver will be there to answer your questions.

We love breakthroughs!

We have a special place in our hearts for all you budding game makers and artists who need help publishing your work. We’re always here to extend our hand and help you get started.

We love kids!

They may be noisy and smelly and sticky most of the time but we love, love, love ‘em! Here’s a secret: the StoryWeaver staff are educators as well as geeks, and we believe in nurturing the innate capability of young minds to create new worlds and develop ideas that would be otherwise limited by…er…growing up.

We love women gamers!

What’s not to love? No, we’re not a bunch of genius billionaire playboy philanthropists here. Gender-equity in gaming is one of our big advocacies and we’ll promote women in gaming anyway we can. It’s time to drop the stereotypes!

We love you!

Our other biggest advocacy is making sure that every product we create is a fun-filled adventure. We go all out so you don’t just get a game with awesome rule-sets, handsome character sheets, incredible battle maps, and multimedia elements but an amazing trip for you and your friends.

Good Gaming Starts HERE!

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